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Why is CSA-Z462 being created?

In the United States in 1979, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created what is now called “NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.”  This Standard has evolved over the last 25 years to be the North American Standard for electrical safe work practices for energized electrical work.  The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has been aware of the existence of this Standard and finally in 2005, put forth that Canada develop an equivalent Standard in collaboration with NFPA.

Canada currently does not have a Canadian National Standard for workplace electrical safety.  Nationally workers are exposed to many hazards of electricity, yet there has been no Canadian (i.e. Federal or Provincial) guideline, Standard or Act published to assist employers and employees to more effectively manage the hazards or even to determine who is qualified to perform electrical work.

Who is creating it?

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) will be developing the Standard to be designated as CSA-Z462, and entitled; Standard on Workplace Electrical Safety.  CSA plans that Z462 will become a National Standard of Canada.

What is it?

CSA-Z462 will be developed in parallel with the 2009 Edition of NFPA 70E, and, based on an agreement with NFPA, an attempt will be made to harmonize Z462 with NFPA 70E as much as practicable for Canadian workplaces.  As agreed with NFPA, CSA will be using the 2004 Edition of NFPA 70E as the “seed document” for the development of Z462.  This common basis will help ensure that, right from the start, CSA-Z462 is harmonized with NFPA 70E. 

How will it be created?

As with any CSA Standard, CSA-Z462 will be developed by a voluntary Technical Committee that has been selected by CSA using a balanced matrix process to ensure that stakeholders (industry, labour, government) from all Provinces in Canada are allowed an opportunity to be represented. The Committee is comprised of some 45 members from many related groups and fields of expertise, including representatives of NFPA, IEEE, and the CSA Electrical Code Committee.

When will it be finalized?

CSA announced on January 1, 2006 that they would be developing CSA Z462, Terms of Reference were created, and a project schedule. From January to October CSA created the required Technical Committee (TC) that will be responsible for creating the Standard. The first meeting of the constituted TC was held on October 25, 2006 in Toronto.  Several additional General Meetings of the TC will be held throughout 2007, and into 2008. The first edition of the CSA Z462 Standard will be completed in late 2008.

Where will it be in effect?

Once it has been published in both French and English, CSA-Z462 will be submitted to Standards Council of Canada for approval as a National Standard of Canada.  As with any other CSA standard, the first edition of Z462 will initially be recognized as a voluntary best practices standard for use anywhere in Canada. In the future, as Z462 gains acceptance, each Province and the Federal Government may chose to reference it in regulations, and thereby make it mandatory. This is a similar process followed by regulators in referencing the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) Part 1, 20thEdition, C22.1-06, Safety Standard for Electrical Installations. 

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